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Shepherd's Pie

Submitted by: | Source: My friend, Tiffany

Shepherd's Pie
2010-05-08 Other

A Mexican twist on an old stand-by meal


2 lb Hamburger
2 Taco Seasoning Packets
2 cans Either Corn (drained) or Green Beans (drained) or 1 Can of Each
About 6 Cups of Either Homemade or Instant Mashed Potatoes
1 bag Taco Seasoned Shredded Cheese
Salt, pepper, garlic


Brown and drain the hamburger and prepare taco seasoning packets as if you were making tacos.

Spray Pam on in the inside of a LARGE casserole pan. Layer ONE is the taco seasoned hamburger meat.

Sprinkle the two cans of vegetables over the meat layer. This is layer TWO.

Next, layer on top of that the seasoned mashed potatoes. I like a lot of garlic in our mashed potatoes. I really enjoy using real mashed potatoes here, but instant would work. This is layer THREE

Lastly, the nice layer of taco shredded cheese.

You're really only putting this in the oven long enough to melt the cheese as the meat and potatoes are already cooked and hot. I'd say 350 for no more than 30 minutes, tops.